Diffraction – KS 204

A Japanese ash tree is the inspiration behind this spectacular jacquard. The almost psychedelic design with symmetrical wave repetitions hypnotically interprets the moire.
The depth of the pattern is revealed by the contrast of the threads of the weave and by a brightly coloured overlay of glazes in fused stripes.


Further information


14 Bleu Atoll, 46 Sunset, 70 Rouge Flamboyant, 190 Aurore


141 cm – 55''


390 g/ml

repeat H

66.5 cm – 26.1''

repeat V

47 cm – 18.5''


43% CO 30% LI 27% PES



Colour matching

Slight colour variations may occur between these samples and the available stock. When precise match is required, please ask for a stock cutting. We recommend dealing only with companies specialised in upholstery cleaning for the maintenance of this fabric.