Jaspée d’Apt – KS 214

With a skillful weaving of coloured threads on cotton satin, this jacquard of small abstract motifs transcribes, both in its colour palette and in its design, the unique, centuries old know how of the Luberon earthenware factories
The Jaspé ware pottery technique reveals surprisingly dense, intertwined and multicolored marbling.

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14 Bleu Faïence, 25 Terre d'Ocre, 32 Printemps, 33 Garrigues, 72 Argile Blanc, 74 Miel, 75 Tomette, 76 Glaise


138 cm – 54''


660 g/ml

repeat H

35 cm – 13.7'' (sauté)

repeat V

37 cm – 14,5''


100% CO



Colour matching

Slight colour variations may occur between these samples and the available stock. When precise match is required, please ask for a stock cutting. We recommend dealing only with companies specialised in upholstery cleaning for the maintenance of this fabric.