Point de riz – KS 203

A unique pattern of regular grains embroidered in pure white is used to compose a dense and spectacular embroidery.

This imaginary design and the technique by small touches evoke the way pointillist and neo-impressionist artists represented nature.

The multitude of points in wavy lines and their deep volume create a powerful interpretation looking contemporary and very delicate at the same time.



Further information


13 Kaolin


131 cm – 51''


1150 g/ml

repeat H

26 cm – 10.2''

repeat V

38 cm – 14.9''


65% PES 28% CV 7% LI



Color conformity

Color conformity : Please note that slight tonal differences may occur between these samples and stock. To be sure, ask for a pull-tab of current stock. We recommend that you only contact specialist upholstery cleaning companies for maintenance.

Color Matching : Please remember that shades may vary between these samples and current stock. If an exact match is required please request a stock cutting. We recommend that only companies experienced in cleaning furnishing fabrics are used.