Sillons – KS 202

This modern jacquard with graphic and contrasting tiny striations, takes inspiration from the colours and the graphic style of the landscape named “Gelée blanche à Crozant” by the French neo-impressionist artist Armand Guillaumin.
The richness of its eleven colour variations is created alternating deep yarns of plain and mottled velvet.
The colour range explores with refinement and modernity all the soft shades and velvety hues of a frosted landscape.


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12 Aigue Marine, 11 Bleu Christo, 25 Terre Cuite, 33 Olivine, 34 Vert Emeraude, 45 Tuile Rouge, 63 Pierre de Lave, 73 Sable Blanc, 74 Terre d'Argile, 76 Reflet d'Argent, 92 Corail Aquarelle


138 cm – 54''


870 g/ml

repeat H

22.5 cm – 8.8' '

repeat V

40 cm – 15.7''


48% CV 30% CO 16% LI 6% PES



Colour matching

Slight colour variations may occur between these samples and the available stock. When precise match is required, please ask for a stock cutting. We recommend dealing only with companies specialised in upholstery cleaning for the maintenance of this fabric.