Gorgone – KS 130

Les gorgones au graphisme de dentelle ciselée se muent en un subtil faux-unis ultra contemporain, dans une déclinaisons de couleurs chatoyantes évoquant les mers du sud.

The graphic sea fans with their chiseled lace turn into a subtle, ultra-contemporary faux-unis in a range of shimmering colors reminiscent of the South Seas.

Informations complémentaires

Coloris - Colours

60 Nacre, 42 Jaune d'Or, 32 Vert Lagon, 14 Mers du Sud, 70 Corail, 73 Sable

Laize - Width

139 cm – 54''

Poids - Weight

286 g/ml

Raccord - Repeat H

23.5 cm – 9.2''


88% PES 12% WO



Colour matching

Slight colour variations may occur between these samples and the available stock. When precise match is required, please ask for a stock cutting. We recommend dealing only with companies specialised in upholstery cleaning for the maintenance of this fabric.