Rameau – KS 110

Une profusion vitaminée de petites feuilles multicolores brodées sur un mélange intime de lin et de soie.

A vitamin-packed profusion of small multicolored leaves embroidered on an intimate blend of linen and silk.

Informations complémentaires

Coloris - Colours

72 Blanc Ivoire, 74 Grès Mastic, 46 Epice Taupe, 190 Pastel Mastic, 192 Multi Taupe, 193 Orage, 191 Baltic Ivoire, 12 Lagon Taupe

Laize - Width

138 cm – 54''

Poids - Weight

280 g/ml

Raccord - Repeat H

43 cm – 16,9''

Raccord - Repeat V

40 cm – 15,7''


73% LI 27% SE brod./embroid. 100% CV

Colour matching

Slight colour variations may occur between these samples and the available stock. When precise match is required, please ask for a stock cutting. We recommend dealing only with companies specialised in upholstery cleaning for the maintenance of this fabric.